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Tsundragon Here!

Hello There! Welcome to my page!



School Days Mimike
Here is a quickie of Mimike in school getup! This was inspired by all the J-Romamce I've been watching ;-;
New Orikero?! Mimike
Here is my new Orikero! Her name is Mimike! I'm still working on her bio but I thinks she's adorable so far!!! *(*´∀`*)☆
Doug RF4 (2)
Another Doug drawing!!! His one took me about 50 minutes!! I have no idea why he is so easy to draw for me!
Doug RF4
A completed drawing I'm pretty proud of, this one took me awhile but I think it came out great!

The battlefield was now empty. Torako sat on the dark ground holding her injury inflicted on her side. The pieces of broken red keys all around her made her cringe. Knowing her friends and comrades now gone. "Dragon....Snake....Horse....Sheep....Monkey....Rooster....Dog...Boar...Rat...Ox....and Rabbit...I have let you all down as the fearless leader of the before me...I see nothing but your shards..." As Torako spoke footsteps could be heard walking up to her. Her gaze went up to see Leo standing there looking down at her.
"I told you to give up and yet here you stay...."
She glared at him as she grit her teeth.
"Who do you think the real prey is now..." A small smile crossed his lips as he leaned down into her whispering in her ear.

"Looks like you lost this time, Queen..."

And with that he walked away leaving her breathless, anger and sadness swelling within her.

Torako awoke in her small tea house in the celestial world. The sound of wind chimes echoed throughout the house. "I hope nothing got in last night...." She let out a small sigh. She was sick of hiding from her past and sick of her scars. "'s time to once again conceal myself in the real world..." She pointed her hand in the air tracing the Chinese symbol which read "Tiger" she was surprised her gate still opened for her, after the war all Chinese gates closed permanently. "Hmph...this old thing still works...?" She walked through the portal her long pigtails sweeping behind her head into a small ponytail and her sleeveless jumpsuit turning into a soft sweater along with a school girl skirt. It was a little flimsy but it had to do.

Torako appeared by the river near the so called guild "FAIRYTAIL" her piercing green eyes studying the exterior. "Guess this guild will have to do..." 
Torako walked closer and closer to the two giant doors as they swung open just missing her face. 
"Watch were your-" 
The boy was cut off to come face to face with her both their green eyes meeting. They were the same exact color only hers a little lighter. Something about those eyes made her a little angry.
He was wearing a long green coat with white fluff around the collar and a printed t-shirt with some sort of symbol on it. 
As her eyes went up to once again look at his face she studied him. hair...glasses...
"Oh pardon me!" He cleared his throat staring at her skirt as his eyes traveled up to her face as he coughed to see the angry look on her face. "My eyes are up here pervert!!" 
He chuckled a little as he laughed just a little. "Excuse me for staring at you..."
Her cheeks lit up as she brushed past him only to smell a farmilur scent. She once again turned to see him gone. Nothing was there where he once stood. 

"....why did...he...."

After Torako studied the faces of the guild and their intentions, she thought it might be a good idea to settle down and lay low in a crowded area.

She laid in her small house in the celestial world. She sighed a little Laying in her warm bathtub. She moved a lock of hair behind her ear. "Hiding isn't the only worry I have...." She lowered her face into the hot water looking up at the steam clinging to the mirrors and flowing  out of the Windows. Faves of her fallen comrades Flooded her mind everyday. It was almost like shell shock. 
She stood up in the bathtub the water flowing down her body. She stayed silent not moving for awhile as she blinked looking up at her faded reflection in the mirror. 
Her wet Neko ears popping up along with her long yellowish hair down to the ground. 
She used her arm to cover up her face as she stared at her burnt and scared hand.


Her eyes went wide as she was taken back by the voice in her head.

"Just give up already!! Everyone is dead!"

Her outstretched hand turned into a fist as she exhaled feeling as if she couldn't breathe. 
"Damn it!!!! When will these memories leave me!!!!"
She used her other hand to clutch her head as she felt her burnt hands start to pulse with pain. 
"What is stopping me from living!!" 
As she yelled those words the pain stopped as if a sudden relief hit her body. 
"I.....don't understand...."



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